How did I get here?

I never would have imagined myself in the wedding industry. If you had told me seven years ago, as I finished up a double major in ceramics and metalsmithing, that I would be up to my ears in wedding culture I would have balked!

I did not dream, as many young girls do, of my wedding day. I have been with my partner for 13 years and though we've discussed marriage, it simply hasn't been enough of a priority to begin the wedding planning process. I did not watch wedding reality television or longingly flip though the wealth of bridal magazines available on the newsstands. It just wan't a part of my life. 

Yet here I stand, knee deep in save the dates and boutonnieres, and I must admit this arena suits me well. 

Memory, Connection, and Creativity

Throughout my life I have been drawn to create, by any and every means necessary. I have always acknowledged memory as a thematic force in my art work; the sharing of memories as a gateway to human connection and the creation of memories as an art in itself. As a mixed media artist, always flitting between mediums and amassing a toolbox of techniques and trades to facilitate the manifestation of ideas and dreams, I am uniquely inspired by the immersive nature of weddings. They demand the attention of all our senses, and you simply cannot create a living breathing art installation without a tapestry of mediums. 

Greater than the sum of it's parts...

Alongside memory, collaboration has emerged as a common theme throughout my life and work... so it should come as no surprise that the combined efforts required of a wedding would also feed and delight my soul.  

I love working closely with others in common creative pursuit. I live for those moments of eye opening clarity, when the experience and wisdom of my teammates shake up everything I know about creative process and deliver it back to me in an entirely new way. That is where innovation lives. That is where fresh and necessary ideas are born.

That is where I want to be: on the thrilling edge of creative expression, in the company of people who push me to be better and draw outside the lines. Turns out, that's the wedding industry. Who knew?!

Connection, Collaboration & Creativity are the pillars upon which I stand.

A Creative Hummingbird

The essential message of the Hummingbird is one of balance, effervescent wisdom, tireless and joyful pursuit, tenacity, hope, and jubilation. Forever in search of the sweet nectar of life, the Hummingbird knows that the sweetest nectar lives within.