Signed, Sealed, Delivered. 

I am a collector, a keeper, a gift giver, and a shameless sentimentalist. I love objects that transport me back to a place in time, talismans infused with well wishes and loving thoughts, thick textured paper, meaningful illustrations, and snail mail. 

What I love about paper goods is the way they are able to convey intention and emotional depth while tying an event together. They are the perfect place to share an intimate piece of yourselves, that might not otherwise be conveyed in the course of your celebration. The things we love say so much about us and the things we make and create for others speak volumes about how much we appreciate their presence in our lives.

Wedding Invitations

This is your opportunity to share your love language before the celebration has even begun. A beautifully designed and thoughtful wedding invitation suite is a promise of what's to come. It is the first gift you are giving your guests; a tangible representation of the love between you and your partner but also of your love for your guests. 

As is my philosophy in all things: if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. I'm not in the habit of creating more debris for landfills which means I only want to contribute paper goods to this earth that will carry emotional weight for those who give and receive it. 

E-vites are affordable and easily distributed but they are also quickly forgotten. When you take the time to address and send something of value (literal and emotional value) you are communicating something beyond the details of your event. In our digital age the significance of a beautiful invitation is not lost on your guests. As anyone who has ever received an envelope emblazoned with their name can attest, it feels incredible to know you warranted the real deal.

Branding + Logos + Web Design

In my capacity as a business owner and graphic deisgner I have experienced first hand the connective power of thoughtful and intentional branding. With so much of our marketplace existing in a digital space, I have found myself craving tangible connection to the brands I love and so I endeavor to bring a soulful approach to marketing, branding, logo and web design.

Having designed and created products and paper goods for weddings, Roots Kitchen & Cannery, Treeline Coffee Roasters, Spruce & Honey and many more local and national companies, I feel deeply passionate about how we can better represent our businesses to facilitate a greater community with out clients and customers.