Fine Art Wedding and Event Design 

Guided by Collaboration & Inspired by Genuine Connection

I'm not looking for clients / I'm looking for collaborators.

I want to work with you to create something authentic and inspiring. I want to put our minds together in common pursuit and enjoy the process as much as the results.

Because life is worth celebrating, and I'm not just talking about the big moments.

The months, days and hours leading up to a big blowout are just as important as the confetti guns, fireworks, tablescapes, and floral installations. Time is finite! I want to spend my time in the company of good people, celebrating love and reveling in shared accomplishments, and I want you to experience a joyful road to the big shebang!

Joining forces with me on your wedding celebration means opening yourself up to something you probably have't seen yet. It means steering clear of trends and making space for your intuition. It means committing yourself to creating a genuine expression of your relationship. It means setting aside the stressful wedding planning narrative that urges you to hold the reigns so tight you loose sensation in your hands, and opting instead to trust a team of dedicated artists and craftsman to create something truly spectacularly for you and your partner. Simply because they love what they do, and they love creating a visual language for your love.

I call this a collaboration because whether you consider yourself artistic or not, this is your moment to express yourself and your love  creatively. Together we are going to dig up all the treasures inside you and your partner and translate them into a celebratory space; a space that speaks to your connection, sense of humor, personal style, and individuality. 

Because a wedding is a living, breathing art installation,

created in the spirit of love, to inspire joyful memories.

Photo by  Tori Pintar

Photo by Tori Pintar

Photo by  Cate Doubet

Photo by Cate Doubet