V Day / Release Day

You guys: It's Valentine's Day.

Being that I chose to drop the inaugural episode of The Avowed Podcast on V Day, I've understandably been asked repeatedly what my own thoughts are on this most beloved / loathsome holiday... 

For the record I actually really love Valentine's Day, and not because I love chocolate or flowers (though I most certainly do).

I love V Day because I appreciate an annual reminder to tell all of the rad people in my life how much I love and appreciate them. It's like the Thanksgiving day of love, and I am all about love.

I know February 14th is cringe inducing for many of you, but I invite you to join me in taking back Valentine's Day! If you're going to spend money today on your loved ones, let it be spent with intention. Or better yet, make something! Bake something! Glue some damn macaroni on construction paper and watch the smiles come rolling in.

Shower your friends, family, and lovers with the hugs and kisses they (and you) deserve, and don't forget that every holiday is exactly what you make it so if you are feeling the misery today, maybe the person you need to be showing some love to, is you...

This is the perfect day to treat yo self!

As for me, I'll be spending this day promoting the shit out of this podcast, volunteering at my favorite community program for youth in revolt - BYEP, and eating dinner with my favorite dude and the worlds grumpiest pup.

My Valentines: Patrick and Pip

In case you're wondering what I want for valentines day: 

I want for you to subscribe, listen, rate, and review The Avowed Podcast - It only takes a moment, and it puts me one giant step closer to living my dream!

In today's episode I am joined by Stacy Townsend of Townsend Collective, and Anna Boswell of Cast Calligraphy (soon to be Cast & Company). I've titled this episode "The Times They Are A Changin" because in the midst of discussing what it's like to work in the wedding industry we are also comparing and contrasting Stacy's wedding planning experience (way back in 2010) to Anna's current journey in planning her own wedding. 

These two powerhouse woman are unbelievably talented, humble, intelligent, and kind - I am truly honored to be taking my first steps on this wild adventure with them by my side.

Anna Boswell: illustrator, designer, calligrapher, woman in love / Clockwise from top left:

Anna & Tyson's engagement shoot Photographed by Stacy Townsend / A gorgeous invitation suit created by Anna and photographed by Jeremiah and Rachel Photography  / Anna + Tyson announce their engagement on Instagram / Cast Illustration   / Anna  knows good coffee comes from Treeline Coffee Roasters / Cast Watercolor

Cast Calligraphy

Renaissance woman Stacy Townsend  does it all! / Left to Right:

Townsend Jewelry / Townsend Graphic Design / Townsend Photography 

Townsend Collective

A good old fashioned 2010 wedding... / Photographs by Ross James Photography / Clockwise from top left:

R.C. and Stacy take it down to funky town / Guests bring the fire to the dance floor / Tying that knot / Sealing it with a kiss / Stacy's DIY wedding dress / Real couples piggy back into eternity

Because we mentioned the wildly talented Meghan and Jeff Purcell - Don't worry, I will definitely be talking with these two lovelies in the near future...

Purcell Trading 

A Styled Shoot Is Born!  / Left to right:

Quill earrings by Stacy Townsend / Watercolor by Anna Boswell / Fiber Art by Meghan Purcell

I can't wait to put this dream team together!!!



Jasmine Snyder