A Tale of Two Weddings

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When I sent out emails announcing the release of The Avowed Podcast to my favorite wedding blogs I couldn't have dreamed that it would lead to this refreshingly thoughtful conversation with the lovely Gabby LaBarbara, editorial assistant at Junebug Weddings, about her very curious journey to the altar...

Gabby's fiancé Patrick proposed after just a year of dating and they were quickly swept up in a whirlwind wedding planning adventure that ultimately led to questions of why they were getting married in the first place, and whether the wedding they had planned was indeed the wedding they wanted.

"You're taught, from the movies or societal expectations that at the moment of the proposal you should be over the moon, you should be happy crying, you should immediately say yes. So that’s what I did. Thats what I projected... What I don’t say is I think I was crying because I was feeling all these complicated emotions. "

In October of 2016 they decide to call off their May 2016 wedding and reevaluate their motives and methods for celebrating the love between them. 


"I think I threw a lot of my complex emotions and energy into planning the actual wedding rather than confronting them…"

Then, the same month that Gabby and Patrick were originally slated to be married, Gabby accepted a job as an editorial intern at Junebug, and found herself behind the veil: entrenched in wedding industry culture and ready to tackle her "second" wedding. 

After some understandably rough patches, raw emotions, and plenty of soul searching, Gabby and Patrick set out to craft a new wedding: A celebration of their nuanced love for one another.

With the guest list cut in half, and a fresh uninhibited approach they have since planned a wedding that is sure to set the perfect tone for a lifetime of honest communication, joyous evolution, and genuine expression. 


I Decided to split this conversation up into two episodes because it was simply too good to be cut into one.

The second part of this conversations offers insight into the new wave approach vendors are taking as we work to shape the wedding industry into an inclusive and supportive community.

Together we discussed vulnerability and empathy as the cornerstones of an ideal vendor/client relationship, and the toxic bi-products of our "bridezilla" culture. 

Gaby also shared the list of vendors she has assembled for her upcoming wedding and you're going to want to set aside some time to explore their work:

 Photographer: Briana Purser Photography 

Videographer: Seth Dunlap 

Florals: Davy Gray 

Cake + Desserts Mindy's Bakeshop 

Typewriter Poet: Cubs The Poet 

Venue: Justine's Secret House 


In case you are wondering why I started this podcast:

this is it.

Speaking with people I would never otherwise connect with about complex human emotions, and exchanging ideas about how we can propel the wedding industry into the 21st century delights my challenger spirit.

As we cast these words like stones, thrown with intention and a vibrant hope for the future, it is the impending ripple effect that spurs me onto the next cast.

Fishing for truth and understanding in this confusing world is my own personal anchor, and I implore you to join me in the chase. 

I leave you with these glorious words, spoken by Patrick as that "first wedding" sits happily in the rearview mirror, his hindsight 20/20...

Jasmine Snyder