Going All In

I've been trying to figure out how to tell you about myself.

My actual Self. 

For years I've sold a tidy version of myself for public consumption. I don't know if anyone ever explicitly told me this was what I should do, or if it was a lesson I soaked up over a lifetime of friends, family, professors, and authorities attempting to file me neatly away in labels they could understand. Perhaps it is a result of every marketing and branding guru's advise to not overwhelm and confuse the consumer with too much information: to present a clean and concise brand story with a beginning middle and end... "HERE is who I am. HERE is what I offer. HERE is why you need me." 

The problem is, it's just not that simple.

I am just not that simple. 

Good lord, I wish I was though. I'll admit the comfort of labels appeals to me. I've tried futilely to fit into myriad labels and their corresponding communities: Ceramicist. Metalsmith. Baker. Business Owner. Entrepreneur.

To be fair, all of those things exist within me but they do a piss poor job of expressing my authentic self. In the end I suppose the one identity I have always felt most comfortable with is Creator but unfortunately that box appears rather amorphous and frustratingly indistinct to the common consumer, regardless of how it feels to me. 

The problem is, I'm tired of pretending to be anything other than the complex creative hummingbird that I am. To call myself a Baker, as has been the case in recent years, is not an outright lie... but it is certainly not MY truth. And to be honest, this label has begun to feel like a restrictive force in my life. It is prohibiting me from growth and fluidity. I want to stretch my wings, see what I'm capable off without labels,  and lean into the next chapter of my life with a clean slate and an open heart...

When I have trouble falling asleep, because my mind is spinning, I will often imagine my life several years from now, when I am settled into myself. In this so-close-I-can-touch-it reality I am at peace with my financial position. I am "successful." Most importantly: I am in constant celebration of the many facets of myself.

In this wonderful future, I am myself FULLY. I don't show only 10% of what I am capable of to the world because I fear the full picture is too confusing for the general public. I am recognized for my intricacies, and that expression of self is rewarding and life giving. 

I want that now.

I want to stop dreaming about what it's like to embody my full self without shame or fear, I just want to live it. Now.

So what does this mean?

Essentially it means I am transitioning out of Whipped and into Jasmine Lilly Creative.

I will continue to offer bespoke cakes and pastries to my clients but I have SO MUCH MORE to contribute to the art of celebrations. I want more out of the wedding industry! I want a deeper more involved relationship with my work, and I want to share more of myself with all of you.

It also means a new age of transparency. I don't want to filter myself in order to be more palatable. I want to share how I'm feeling, what I believe, and what I am thinking because the truth is: I am my business and my business is me. It is a reflection of what brings me life, translated into services that I hope will enrich your life and bring you joy as they do me. 

If what I'm saying and selling resonates with you please reach out and join me in this collaborative creative journey. I want to join forces with all of you! Let's explore the limits of celebration, art, and connection... together. 

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Jasmine Snyder