Flavor Forward Fine Art Cakes & Pastries

I firmly believe the sweets we treat ourselves to should be made with high quality ingredients, just the right amount of sugar, and a generous sprinkling of creativity. 


Pastries and cakes should be beautiful but more importantly, delicious. I you are tired of tragically dry overly sweet cake than you have come to the right place. 

My work celebrates flavor, aroma, texture, and artistry. In an industry reliant on fondant on gum paste I am committed to creating beautiful decorative techniques that taste as good as they look. 

By turning my attention to the vibrant, delicious, and unique gifts provided by nature I have found a dynamic medium that never ceases to amaze. Scalloped peaches, ribbons of rhubarb, pumpkin petals, layered pears, and stripes crafted from carrots: colorful, organic, beautiful, and (most importantly) tasty.


As a solopreneur with limited availability, I prioritize clients interested in working with me in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a combination of event design, paper goods, and pastries I would love to speak with you about how I can help create a visual language for your love.

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